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Save The Earth
Jörgen Raymann, Reinier van den Berg (RTL's weather forecaster and climate expert) and TV presenter Roelof Hemmen talk in a sensational theater production about the life story and visionary ideas of Wubbo Ockels. They were about Wubbo Ockel's last words: “Save The Earth. ” This impressive text has become the source of inspiration and title for a theater production, in which the vision and life of Ockels are central.
Directed by Gijs De Lange, Script: Ger Apeldoorn and Harm Edens.

Below the entire cast including our producers George Onkiehong and Mark de Bruijn.
And let's not forget our scriptwriters Ger Apeldoorn and Harm Edens.

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Our rock opera 1000Wishes aimed to generate attention for the concept childhood cancer. A lot of people don't know that this is a completely different form of cancer, which fortunately occurs less often than that in adults. Kika was founded to raise money for research.
We owe many thanks to our main sponsor Pon Financial Services.

The CD features the guitar part of the song Evil Weed, composed and recorded by Steve Hackett!
The main characters

Pieter van Dijk

Frits Lambrechts

David van Alten

Nathalie Mees
Wonderful to have been able to do this for a very enthusiastic and impressed audience.
We owe a lot of thanks to our main sponsor Pon Financial Services.

With our album Plastic Soup we have drawn attention to one of the biggest problems of this century are the plastic waste in the oceans. This was back in 2009 and hardly anyone knew what Plastic Soup was, that is different now!

Ronald and Michel met Charles Moore, the discoverer of the plastic Soup. After a sailing competition, he sailed his ship for days through a sea full of plastic.

The release concert took place in the Boerderij in Zoetermeer. This was with the collaboration of guest musicians Heidi Jo Hines, John Mitchel and John Jowitt. It was Harry den Hartog's farewell concert.

Heidi Jo Hines

John Mitchel

John Jowitt

Harry den Hartog

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We have set up a foundation to carry out our mission. This guarantees that we have no profit motive

PBII   Ronald Brautigam   Alex van Elswijk   Nathalie Mees
Tom van der Meulen   Ruud Slakhorst   Michel van Wassem   John Groen

CD Wubbo's Last Words Save The Earth
The songs are based on the ideas of Wubbo Ockels.
PBII thus broadens its musical view on prog.

On the CD a professional string quartet, which also played live. Ignas te Wiel also takes care of the percussion and .... the song Trapped is sung by none other than Nad Sylvan! Of course the album has been re-recorded and produced in the Hollandspoor Studios by Chris Muller.
The original version was the CD Rocket, but on a number of songs the lead vocals are performed by Bert Heerink.

Nad Sylvan

Ignas te Wiel

Bert Heerink

String Quartet


Ronald Brautigam
Tom van der Meulen