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  Première 6 July 2018 


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In order to carry out our mission, we set up a foundation. With this we guarantee that we do not have a profit motive. 
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PBII   Ronald Brautigam   Alex van Elswijk   Nathalie Mees
Tom van der Meulen   Ruud Slakhorst   Michel van Wassem   John Groen (FOH)




CD Rocket

The songs are based on the ideas of Wubbo Ockels PBII thus broadens its musical view of the prog, assisted by three violinists and a cellist. Ignas te Wiel also takes care of the percussion. And ... on the song Trapped the lead vocals are played by ..... Nad Sylvan! Of course the album is recorded again and produced in the Hollandspoor Studios by Chris Muller.


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