PBII Biography
2018 The musical is renamed Wubbos's last words SAVE THE EARTH. The main role will be fulfilled by Jörgen Rayman, in addition co-operation is provided by Roelof Hemmen and Eddy Zoey. The direction is in the professional hands of Gijs de Lange. Meanwhile, the show has been booked by more than 25 theaters.

2017 The CD Rocket The Dreams of Wubbo Ockels is recorded and produced in the HollandSpoor Studios by Chris Muller. The CD will be released on 18 May. On 11 June there will be a combined release party as well as the celebration of the 40th anniversary. The project team is expanded with Harm Edens and Ger Apeldoorn as text writers. An agency is found in the form of Senf Theaterpartners, as co-producers Marc de Bruijn of MBN Proiducties and George Onkiehong of Cimon's entry.

2016 The band was gripped by the "Final Speech" by Wubbo Oclels. With the help of his widow Joos Ockels a start is made for a new project. This is initially called Rocket The dreams of Wubbo Ockels. The music for the project is written. The project will support the Happy Energy foundation. The content becomes Wubbo's warning to be economical on our planet, or sustainability. A start is made with the design of the project team.

2015 The band now has various options. The 1000Wishes has been made suitable for small theaters and a repertoire has been put together with songs from the albums Plastic Soup, 1000Wishes and some new songs. The 1000Wishes team has been formed again for a new project in the course of the year.

2014 The rock opera will not been played this year in a big setting but is planned for spring 2015. It will also been downsized in behalf of smaller theatres in corporation with Tim Koldenhof Productions This is planned for the second half of next year. In the mean time PBII is working on a new project.  The band goes to England for the Classic Rock Society.

2013 1000Wishes The performance is carried out for the head sponsor  Theaterfabriek n Amsterdam and after that several times in a big theatre called Rijswijkse Schouwburg. It is a big succes and thousands come to watch it. The performance is recorded on DVD by Perry Hokke o f ELM Visuals. The reviews in press and magazines are highly positive. And last but not least the warm and sensitive emotions of the audience were overwhelming.
Besides that it is fantastic that a big contribution for Kika has been transferred

2012 It promises to be an exiting year for PBII. Besides releasing the new PBII album featuring the Hofstad Youth Orchestra the band is also releasing a book which tells the story of the album written by the author Ronald van der Pol. The 1000WISHES album will be released late 2012 and will consist of both the CD and novel. The benefits will go to the Dutch foundation Kika. Kika’s goal is to increase the recovery from childhood cancer to 95% in 2025. For that purpose they raise funds for research.

2011 On the 19th of November 2011 the band is releasing the live DVD PBII@Boerderij.org. The DVD contains the concert PBII gave during the release of the Plastic Soup album in January 2010. Michel wants to concentrate more on his role as the keyboard player of the band. Because of this, the band starts the search for a vocalist. The search does not take long and singer Ruud Slakhorst joins the band. Besides being a vocalist Ruud is also a gifted Lyricist. With the band in full force the first idea’s for the new album are put on paper. The 1000WISHES project is born. 1000WISHES tells the epic story of the 9 year old boy Erik and his heroic battle agains tcancer.

2010 In January Plastic Soup is officially released and receives rave reviews in the media. The theme of the Plastic Soup album is the plastic pollution of the oceans as discovered by Mr. Michael Moore. It is the bands objective to attract attention for this environmental problem issue. At the end of 2010 Harry is leaving the band due to a musical difference of opinion. Not long after this, bass player / composer Alex van Elswijk joins PBII.

2009 Between May and November PBII is recording the Plastic Soup album together with producer / studio recording engineer Chris Muller.

2008 In April 2008 Ronald Brautigam, Michel van Wassem and Tom van der Meulen decided, after the break up of symphonic rock band Plackband, to make a second beginning. PBII is a fact and is made complete by bass player Harry den Hartog.