Tom van der Meulen | Drums


In the beginning
I started to play the drums when I was about 16 years old.
My brother was a member of a drum band so there was a snare drum in the house.
With a couple of friends we practiced in a cellar.
The first song we did was My generation of The Who.
Later on I bought a real drum kit and started to exercise, which made my neighbours very sad.

The Mooches
One day  a few guys came at my door and asked me if I wanted to play in a band. I said yes and they asked me if I was able give a concert with them the next day. Don't ask me how it went.
We played covers from the Beegees, Lovin Spoonful and Jeff Beck.

Rockin Martin and his Delta’s
My next period started with the band Delta.
The group made alternative underground music (like Soft machine etc).
One day a singer Martin Hakkaart came to our rehearsal room.
He asked if we wanted to play Rock and Roll with him and to do at the same time Delta as a support act for Rockin Martin.
At first we wanted to lynch him, but our bass guitar player
Joop Lelieveld (an old rocker) convinced us to do it.
We got a contract from the greatest live events company in Holland and got a lot of success. We even played in stadiums.
When Martin leaved the band he was replaced by Bert van Nuhn, mister Elvis Presley of the Benelux.

In 1977 Kees Bik invited me to be a member of the band Haemorrhoid.
The first thing was to change the name into Plackband ( a joke because plakband is the Dutch word for cello tape, we used a lot of).
I had my first drum lessons from Hans Cleuver who played in Focus at that time.
I was mad about jazz-rock and was inspired by John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Billy Cobham etc.
Later on I discovered sympho bands like Genesis and my favourite group in those days Yes.
Plackband stopped in 1981 and together with our front of house John Groen I started a studio, Sound Design.
We recorded the album The First of November.
In 2000 was the reunion and it was if I came home.
I didn’t play the drums for a long time, so I bought an electronic one the Yamaha DTXpress to practice.
This one was replaced by the Roland TD-20.
Last year I decided in reflection with the band to use this kit also live.
The first experiences are very positive.
The end of Plackband was because Albert the Keijzer made the decision to leave the band.

We started to look for a new bass guitar-player and we were lucky to find Harry den Hartog, a very talented guy. With him we changed our music style, inspired as we were by the English band Frost.
In the mean time I started to take drum lessons again.
With the help of my teacher Ernst van Ee , I hope to transform myself into a better drummer.

Harry den Hartog has been replaced by Alex van Elswijk with him I have an outrageous corporation. Besides that the band was completed with Ruud and Nathalie.

In the mean time the Roland TD20 is replaced by the Roland TD30, an enormous improvement.




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