With our album Plastic Soup, we hope to get some extra attention to one of the biggest problems of this century, the plastic waste in the oceans..

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We released the album Plastic Soup with the goal to spread our music but also to help the environment. We would like to help the world a little bit with the reducing of the (plastic) garbage. As we know there is a huge problem in our oceans, knowing as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch or, as captain and founder Charles Moore calls it “Plastic Soup”. We made this album with his support. Even our Minister of Environment is helping us in giving us u grant of money for making a video clip of the title song Plastic Soup. In the mean time there is also another organization who helps us to finance the clip, this is an organization called Noordzee. We certainly do not pretend to have the solution, but we are now very aware of this environmental problem. Pioneers such as Captain Charles Moore and writer Jesse Goossens will create a broad public debate.
We are pleased to be able to contribute a little bit to this discussion.
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Plastic Soup clip