John Groen | Front of House, Monitor 

Round the age of 16 I started to drum, at first in a band called Wild Cherry, who played regularly in the Marathon (The who played there on their first tour in Holland).
Later when Wild Cherry stopped I became the drummer of Lava. After this group I quit to play the drums.

It will be 1976 when I heard from Henk Brautigam the brother of Ronald that Plackband was searching for a sound engineer because they had bought a PA installation.
I thought it was a good idea not at least because I was very interested in sound and technique.
I was very handy indeed and many times you saw me crawling over the stage to repair things
Many nights I spent also with the other members of the band in tuning the Pa and testing it. In that days it was not so easy to combine PA components as nowadays.
The symphonic style fits with my adoration of bands like yes and Genesis.

To transport the PA and backline a normal delivery van was not enough so the band decided to buy a large truck. So there was another problem, nobody was licensed to drive in it. My person became the trucker.

When Plackband ended his first period in 1981, I started a studio called Sound Design, together with drummer Tom van der Meulen. In that studio the recordings were done for The first of November.
Also in those days the corporation with Rob Rehorst of Holland Spoor Studio started.

Although Plackband no longer existed ,the members still were close friends, so the contacts stayed alive.
Then came the reunion in 1999 and I of course was present,
Techniques' were very much changed in the past years  so every venue had his own PA system. I decide to by a new mixing console the Yamaha LS9, 64 channels. The band decided to go in-ear for the monitoring. With the Yamaha LS9 I am able to do the monitoring as well as the front of house.

Together with the two Rene's (light) we form a dream team