Ronald Brautigam | Guitar player

When I got my first guitar from my eldest brother it all started for me. In the beginning I took guitar lessons and I did a lot of home practicing. On my 12th birthday I did my first performance.

1965 – 1970
At first, The Beatles really inspired me. After that, heavier bands such as Deep Purple (Richie Blackmore), Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page) gave me inspiration. But also blues bands such as Ten Tears After (Alvin Lee) and The Cream (Eric Clapton) were tried to be imitated as far as possible.

1972 - 1973 My first real band was a school band called TARGUS, a cover band with songs of the mentioned groups. When the bass guitar player bought a LP from Yes and put it on the turntable I fell in love. This was the music I wanted to play and that remains until now.

1974 At the end of my high school period I was paying in the bands Fahrad and Gentile. I also met bass guitar player Albert de Keijzer (later on also in Plackband) there. Other members were Ton Bos (lead singer) and Rob Daenen (Keyboards). We played a combination of covers (Yes, Flash, Wings) and songs written by ourselves. Here I got the experience I could use later on in Plackband and November and PBII.

1976 - 1982 I was asked for the band Haemorrhoid. Tom van der Meulen and Kees Bik were already part of the band. For me, this was a change back to punk rock but soon we developed the style of a symphonic rock band. Keyboard player Maarten Mens was replaced by Michel van Wassem. Plackband was born. Plackband became a cult status in those days.

1994 – 1995 Michel and I formed the band November a symphonic project. The other members were Ed Wernke (Drums), Bob Blok (bass guitar) and Karel Messemaker (Lead singer). We recorded the CD: The First Of November. This album and the single “Memory” were very successful. November played on the national radio and television and November even appeared on the World Liberty Festival in Arnhem with the Alan Parson Project.

1999 – 2008 In 1999 there was a reunion of Plackband with the members of the first hour. At the end in 2008 we decided to make a new start as PBII.

2009 – 2014 PBII has become a band of a higher level. With the CD's Plastic Soup and especially with 1000Wishes (Ruud Slakhorst Lead singer, Alex van Elswijk Bass guitar player) we gained a lot of national and international acknowledgement. We played in big theatres for the first time together with a complete symphonic orchestra, actors, dancers etc. We raised a lot of money for the good goal Kika (research for Child cancer).

I am married to Dineke and we have 2 wonderful children: Bo and Donna. I have a nice and diverse job as relation manager in ICT solutions. Financial independency enables me to play and write music I like myself!

My favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Yes, Genesis, Steve Hackett, Peter Gabriel, Jeff Back and a few jazz rock groups from the seventies and eighties and later on the bands Frost, Sound of Contact, Flying Colors and It Bites.

I have an endorsement by Line6


• Line6 James Tyler JTV-69 (Red)
• Line6 James Tyler JTV-69 (Dark red)
• Paul Reed Smit (PRS)
• Line 6 POD HD500 (2x)
• Soundcraft monitor mixer
• M-audio In Ear monitoring