Ruud Slakhorst | Lead vocals

At  high school my teacher told me that I was not very musical. And although musical notation for me was nothing else but sticks with flags and balls and for sure not music... I was not willing to accept that as a fact. I bought my first electronic guitar, the old-fashioned tape recorder was started and from the first false notes everything was recorded. No lessons at all.


It was the beginning of several bands. Inspired by Genesis and Yes I played the guitar, not good, but when you compose everything by yourself you take care that everything is within your skills. So I first played the guitar, then the bass guitar and after that keyboards. This until I started to sing. Singing was for me the best way to express myself. I became the lead-singer of bands like 'Brancard', 'Ice on Fire', Big Deal' and for a long time in Edge of Sanity. The last band last for 15 years and there were highlights with gigs at the Boerderij, Westerpop and for composing and playing a tune for a television program. The music was a mix of Toto, Yes and Genesis and was surprisingly well appreciated by the public. At a certain moment the inspiration had gone, so we broke up.


Then a while without a band. For a moment no music. After 15 years I needed a break. Next I started to thing what kind of music I really wanted to make. And I found out that I wanted to go for symphonic music with impressive vocal lines.

So I was remembering Plackband. That band played music like that. I noticed that they had make a restart as PBII. I met the guys and we really had a musical click. But they were already so far with their  Plastic Soup CD that it was not possible to work together at that moment.

Fortunately I was approached for the next project, 1000Wishes. Wonderful songs were written so it was for me a fantastic challenge to make the lyrics and vocal lines. A fantastic creative process followed in which the music files were send over and over to e ach other to cultivate. At last everything was recorded with a youth orchestra in the Hollandspoor Studios by Chris Muller. This resulted in a spectacular CD.

After that we played the rock opera in sold out theatres and I knew a big wish had come through.