Michel van Wassem | Keyboards Vocals

Started to play the accordion at the age of 8, ‘cause there was obviously no money to buy an organ or piano. With a very strict dad, I had to practice one hour a day, while my friends where playing soccer outside.
But my musical career, I have to thank my dad (and friend) for …. and even more!!

At the age of 14 I started with my 1st garage band … impressing the girls in the neighbourhood. With Jaap de Jonckheere (Urban Heroes) I started my 1st real band band “Frantic”. Being influenced by Jazz-Rock and bands like “the Mahavishnu Orchestra” and Chick Corea.

In ’74 this band became “Storm” with Jaap, Peter Slot, and Willem Jansen (Tall William a.k.a. Billy Cobham  ).

In ’76 I played with “The Internationals” and “Mobilae”.

And then came 1977, my 2nd and biggest love ‘Symfonic rock’ with Kees Bik, Ronald Brautigam, Albert de Keijzer and Tom van der Meulen,
the band “Plackband”! Albert de Keijzer worked at the legendary music store “Servaas” in the Hague, who heard me playing at a synth, asked me how I thought about a symphonic adventure, which lasted till 1984 .

In 1994 I started a band with Ronald Brautigam and Karel Messemaker (both from “Plackband”), Bob Blok and Ed Wernke a band named “November”, we recorded a beautiful CD called “the First of”.

It was until 1999 when the reunion of “Plackband” was a fact …. “Plackband” was my life!

And now “PBII”, which will be a new chapter in my musical career.
With bass player Harry den Hartog we’re gone experience new musical impulses, and write new material which will be a little more technical and dynamical, and maybe a little scent of Jazz Rock will be found.
Where this ‘ll lead us I don’t know yet, but it’s 100% sure we’re gone go for it with passion! One of my great inspirations these days is Jem Godfrey of “Frost*”, who I met at a mutual gig in Rotherham (UK) in 2007 at the Classic Rock Society, the year “Plackband” continued as a quartet.
And now as ‘PBII” with our new bass player Harry we’re about to generate more power, Ronald and I were usually responsible for new songs, but from now on Harry will also do some writing and arranging stuff.
Which will be a great addition and inspiration for Ronald and me.

‘Music’ remains my passion, and to share this passion with my friends of PBII, including the indispensable crew, is the summit!
Have fun with us!