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Date Location
11-06-2017 De Boerderij , Zoetermeer
40th Anniversary Surprise Party
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24-10-2015 'T Blok , Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel (NL)
Progfrog Festival
17 October 2014 Parktheater at Alphen a/d Rijn (NL)
Start 20:30


20 September 2014 The Wesley Centre, Maltby (Rotherham) (UK)
Concert for the Classic Rock Society co heading Cloud Atlas en Coral Spin

09 March 2014 'T Blok at Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel (NL)

14 September 2013 Het Podium at Hoogeveen (NL)
together with The Aurora Project en Ivy's Dream

03 September 2013 De Boerderij at Zoetermeer (NL)
with Moon Safari

24 August 2013 Spuiplein at The Hague
Festival against suffering of animals

09 June 2013 1000Wishes Rockopera
Rijswijkse Schouwburg, Rijswijk (ZH) (NL)

05 May 2013 Liberty Festival The Hague

04 May 2013 Xinix, Nieuwendam
Dutch Exposure festival

31 March 2013 Rijswijkse Schouwburg, Rijswijk (NL)
1000Wishes Rockopera
30 March 2013 Rijswijkse Schouwburg, Rijswijk (NL)
1000Wishes Rockopera

16 March 2013 Theaterfabriek, Amsterdam (NL)
1000Wishes Rockopera

10 March 2013 Boerderij te Zoetermeer
Launch party

12 February 2012 World Forum Theater, The Hague (NL)
Together with The Musical Box playing the Genesis concert The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway