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ROCKET our new Theatre-Rock-Show

ROCKET is a initiative of PBII and theatre collective blondeBIZON. The ROCKopera is inspired by the ideas of Wubbo Ocklels about a sustainable world.

Enjoy life was his main topic in combination with the care for our planet Earth.

At this moment we are developing, creating the show in close cooperation with Joos Ockels.



Read about the world World of Happy Energy Happy Energy is a initiative that advocates a positive and sustainable world,
striving for a society using recyclable products and renewable energy,
promoting the universal symbol for sustainable and positive energy.

ProgFrog Festival 24 October 2015

ProgFrog in ‘t Blok (holland) exists 5 year and in the mean time they grow into a mature progressive rock stage. For that reason they organize a festival and we are honoured to be one of the invited bands.

Festival info here



17-10-2014 1000Wishes at the Parktheater (NL)

By initiative of Kika and Serious Music Alphen  it will be a free concert. This gives the audience the opportunity to collect money for the good gaol..

The support act is BACKSOUND, de acoustic cover band van Roland v.d. Horst (singer/guitar player Mangrove.

Start 20:30. Entrance free
Adres:Cornelis van Geellaan 2, Alphen a/d Rijn

Ronald van der Pol, author of the book "Eric and the land of 1000wishes" will be present to sign the book

1000Wishes in England

On the 20th of September PBII will give a concert for the Classic Rock Society in England together with the English bands Cloud Atlas en Coral Spin.
Location: Wesley Centre in Maltby Sheffield.

Karel Messemaker R.I.P.

We are very sad to announce that out former lead singer Karel Messemaker has died. Karel was a member  together with Ronald and Michel in the band November. After Kees Bik left Plackband he succeeded him. From Karel was the idea to play with a youth orchestra. This was the basis of the 1000Wishes project. An extra reason not to forget him.

Except as lead-singer we will miss him as a person a friend. Even after his heath got worse he stayed full of Optimism and Humour.

1000Wishes CD is voted on the 10th place in the DPRP Radio Pol

DPRP writes: "We asked all 30 of their prog-scribes to select their magical musical meanderings of the year. A total of 76 different creations were chosen from over 520 discs reviewed on this site in the past year. We list the 15 Which gathered the most love. Where votes were tied, we used the DPRP review score to separate them."

 Of course we are very proud, not in the least because we are the highest rated Dutch band and leave a lot of famous bands like Flower Kings, Ayreon and Sound of Contact behind us!!

On the 9th of June due to great success  the Rock Opera 1000Wishes once again
Once again the overwhelming music show for (Kika) with the Hague rock band PBII together with the famous actor Frits Lambrechts and the Hofstads youth Orchestra.

The rock opera is based on the CD 1000Wishes and the book “Eric en het land van duizend wensen” of writer Ronald van der Pol. It is is a unique form of total theatre with rock, classic music, opera, dance, acting and  animated pictures
The story is about the 9 year old Eric and his friend Sander , who bravely fight against cancer.

Rien Schimmel of Kika: “The reason we corporate with this project has to do with creativity of the imitative. When you see that "Old Rockers" put such a social effort in it in combination with the children you got very enthusiastic. This rock opera has a great charisma for Kika (Organization that raises funds for the research for Childs cancer)

12-02-2012 Concert at World Forum Theater, in The Hague (NL)

In case of our 1000Wishes project we decided not top perform in 2012. But what are you doing if you are asked to give a concert with The Musical Box in The World Forum Theater in The Hague. It is quit a sensation when you are on stage in the Prince Willem Alexander Venue, the biggest concert room in Holland. Also an unique opportunity to renew our acquaintance with the Canadian band. It was sold out so there were more then 1200 people, very crowded indeed. At first we played a few songs of our Plastic Soup album after that we did two new song of the 1000Wishes project. It was good to notice that there was a warm welcome for that songs.

9-11-2011 Concert at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer (NL)

This concert was also the release of our DVD PBII@Boerderij.org, This DVD can be ordered on our website of course. To be honest we couldn't imagine a better end. The venue was fully crowded, about 700 people, they took care of a very warm atmosphere and during the concert it grew and grew. There were many friends too so we played a home match, We started with a couple of song from The Plastic Soup album and were able to introduce our new bass guitar player Alex van Elswijk. This was a great success listening to the reactions of the public. A fantastic performance because he had to replace our former bass guitar player Harry den Hartog,
Then came the big moment with our new lead singer Ruud Slakhorst. he did the songs Book of Changes and after that a new song from our 1000Wishes project called Never Old, Well the crowd reacted overwhelming and we knew we were on the right way. In short a beautiful ending and a fantastic begin of a new period.

15-10-2011 Try-out at De Pul, in Uden (NL)

We wanted to prepare for our England trip. On the 5th of November 2011  so we did a try-out. The German band Sylvan took care of the main concert. We did parts of the Plastic Soup CD. Beside that we played 3 songs with Ruud Slakhorst our new lead-singer for the 1000Wishes project. The songs are The Hunchback (Plackband, After the Battle) , Book of Changes (Plastic Soup CD ) and .... as a preview Never Old a song of our new project 1000Wishes.